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Have Fun with My StoryMaker!

My StoryMaker is a site created by the Carnegie Library of Pittsburgh that lets anyone create their very own story! You can choose your setting, characters, and their actions for any kind of story you want.

storymaker 1

This is a great way to get kids to practice their writing skills. While you can’t exactly write a novel in the text section of each page, My StoryMaker has plenty of space for great storytelling. The illustrations and animations that kids can use in their tales are very modern and a lot of fun.

Storymaker 2

Once you've finished making your story, you can see it, share it, download it, or print it. They also give you a Magic Code to share your story with your friends.

Give it a try! We would love to read your story, too. When you finish it, go ahead and comment on this post with your Magic Code.

To read Ms. Caitlin’s story, just type in EFB240 on the homepage.

Up, Up, and Away!

zephyr takes flight

Title: Zephyr Takes Flight

Author: Steve Light

Find it at the library: E LIG

Zephyr is a girl who loves planes. She makes them out of paper, draws them all over the places, builds them out of junk, and dreams of the day that she’ll get to pilot her very own. Zephyr gets in a bit of trouble when her toy plane crash lands into the china cabinet. But then, she discovers a world of aero-amazement right inside her very room!

I love Zephyr! I especially love that she’s a girl, because boys aren’t the only ones who love planes and trucks. Find your wings and fly with this excellent story.

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Ants in your Pants

Check out this song by Eric Herman! It’s called “Ants in Your Pants #99″ from his CD, What a Ride.



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